PAAC members send us your pictures of your COVID-19 activities 
The page is dynamic so come back often to see the updates

During this time of government mandated restrictions this page will report on what PAAC members are doing to pass the time.

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Charlie Lohr took his '37 to the lake..

Gary St. Amour organized an impromptu cruse at the Sonic Drive-in.

California plates....come on!

     Remember 6 feet apart!

….how wet did you get
    taking this picture?

Jerry Calvert on his rebuilt tractor clearing brush and making ponds.

Christy Chatham spends her time tending her drove of pigs?

In between managing the PAAC website, I have been working on my Overland engine




Bob leans on his car...…..                                                

......while Barbara is puzzled

Janet keeping us informed

Dick Meyers in his '57 Chevy on a toilet paper run!

Mark Brown's '73 Thing loves pizza. His '58 Metro at the post office.          

But where's Mark?

Charlie Lohr and wife Diana, Terry Marshal and wife Phyllis, at the Courthouse Plaza.  Did they come to pay their tickets?

Chuck and Donna Thompson's road trip to Jerome and Clarkdale, but the Verde RR wasn't running

Mark Brown's Thing at Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant. Still no Mark.

Mac McBrayer's Crosley out to the closed Ranch House Restaurant  he spotted a Model A on Hwy 89 near Kirkland

Bob n Jill Goldstein and Karen Sargent took the Cool Car COVID Cruse last Saturday in their lemon yellow cars.  See the whole cruse here

Janet spends some time with Walter, her '52 Ford at Granite Basin Lake remembering days past, and at the  overlook checking out the 'lion' overlooking Prescott. Fortunately she didn't get bit.