Jim Geator and Del Walker had a dream. Both men were on the staff at Prescott High School, Jim a counselor and Del a teacher in the auto department. Along with two of their high school students, they all had a passion and interest: restoring and maintaining automobiles. The idea arose to start a car club in Prescott. But how do you go about doing that?

The first thing they had to do was arouse interest in their idea among other automobile enthusiasts in the local area. The logical step was to involve the local newspaper, The Prescott Daily Courier. So, after several meetings where the two men started to gather other like-minded “gearheads” they placed their first article in the Courier on March 8, 1970. It started out:

“The newly formed Prescott Antique Auto Club has begun its charter membership
Drive and invites membership of all persons interested in old cars.”

They stressed that owning a car was not required for membership and that wives and children were welcome. The whole purpose of the club was to promote interest in acquiring, restoring and exhibiting antique, vintage, production or special interest vehicles and to promote activities for the mutual enjoyment of members and their families.

And from there it grew.....and grew. By the time the charter membership drive ended on April 8, 1970 they had a total of 30 charter members and were on their way to creating the club that exists TODAY with over 220 memberships, over 400 members and, incredibly, over 600 vehicles among them!

Spend some time looking over the multitude of photos and informative articles on our website and then, COME AND JOIN US. We look forward to seeing you.....

About Prescott Antique Auto Club

PAAC antique car
When We Meet

First Wednesday of the Month

The PAAC Board of Directors meets at 2PM on the first Wednesday of each month at the PAAC Clubhouse.

Second Wednesday of the Month

General Meeting at the PAAC building at 6:30 PM. All members are welcome to attend the General Meeting. Light refreshments are provided. Visitors
are welcome.
Where We Meet
Club house for Prescott Antique Auto Club


Prescott Antique Auto Club offers annual scholarships to students currently pursuing automotive related degrees or those looking to enter other trades. In addition, this year, we started to fund an endowment which will ensure future scholarships in perpetuity

Christmas, PAAC Style

Christmas means many things to people. For PAAC members Christmas includes participation in parades in Prescott. But, there is another activity that is not so visible to people outside of our club. This activity has an outward focus. We spend time and resources on making Christmas time a more enjoyable time for Veterans that are resident at the VA Hospital. To that end, gift requests are obtained, gifts are purchased and personally delivered by club members on Christmas Eve Day. All club members are invited to help buy, wrap, and deliver gifts

2019 VA Gift Giving

PAAC members met to bought and wrapped gifts for recipients at the Veterans Administration Hospital.
Christmas Eve Day gifts were taken to the VA facility to be given to the veterans.  At 9 AM club members were ready to give Christmas cheer. Gifts are taken to each  room and time is with the veteran.  Some are more "chatty" than others. This is always a gratifying time for the givers
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2019 Veteran Gift Delivery

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Tuesdays each week

From 9:00 till Noon many club members meet at the club house mainly to drink coffee, eat doughnuts, and swap lies.  Sometimes we get around to working on the club house, maintaining the grounds, or our current club project.  Come on by and bring some doughnuts!

Tuesday work

PAAC Club House

PAAC Material Girls

This thoughtful act of kindness to the veterans who served our nation would not be possible without the amazing work of the PAAC Material Girls.  They work countless hours making the quilts, knitting scarves, and other hand made gifts that are greatly appreciated by the other club members and the veterans who receive them,

Merry Christmas Veterans !



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to read more history of the founding of our club from excerpts from our newsletter.